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February 2015

Happy Pi Day


Pi Day Blog

Let’s talk Pi (π)

Happy 3.14159265359 Day! That’s right, the 14 March is the annual worldwide celebration of Pi. Pi is represented by the Greek symbol π. Did you know that the number Pi (π) is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle circumference (C) to its diameter (d) and is approximately equal to a […]

As one competition finishes, another prepares to get underway…

This is definitely the season of Online Mathematics Challenges for the 3P Learning Asia team! We have hardly recovered from the excitement of the SEAMC 2015 and are yet to present the trophies and subscription awards for this event but we are already turning our attention to the FOBISIA Mathletics Challenge where we will be traveling to Shanghai to present the winners with more trophies and subscriptions!

The FOBISIA Event is a much bigger one in […]

Lead Educator Emmalee Lesleighter encourages exploration

Emmalee-LesleighterEmmalee Lesleighter is a a year six teacher at Sherwood State School in QLD.  Her first year of teaching was in 2011 which was the year of the Brisbane floods.

She began using Mathletics in her class in 2012 as it was a new part of a school wide maths program.  Emmalee uses Mathletics in a variety of ways in the classroom: for homework; as a differentiation tool where she streams courses for […]

Meet Swiss Lead Educator Jonathan Butcher, Zurich International School

Jonathan Butcher


Jonathan Butcher is empowering students in learning

Motivation and engagement come highly valued in my learning environments. I aim to create learning experiences that are designed to meet the interests and needs of my students. I’m reflective and innovative and therefore always striving to further enhance my learning environments. I believe Mathletics supports me as a teacher, in flipping the classroom and using time at school for inquiry based learning.

Mathletics helps […]

UPDATE: First Weekend of SEAMC 2015 Pre-Round

UPDATE: First Weekend of SEAMC 2015 Pre-Round goes to Team Bacon Dragon in what is still a wide-open event.

It looks as though the various Lunar New Year holidays around the region allowed a lot more teams to find the time to compete in the Pre-Round Live Arithmetic Challenge hosted on the Mathletics Platform this year. All but 29 of the 80 teams logged in over the weekend and took part in 60 second challenges against […]

The SEAMC 2015 Online Pre-Round: Proudly provided by 3P Learning


For the third year running, the Mathletics platform is being used by 240 students from schools throughout Asia and their teachers for a pre-event arithmetic challenge, conducted entirely online.Students and teachers have all been provided with accounts on Mathletics. These accounts will only be active across the 2 weekends prior to the event, from 4pm Friday (HKT) until 9:30pm Sunday, the weekends of Feb 13-15 and Feb 20-22. The reason for the […]

James Thio Champagnat Catholic College’s top Mathlete in 2014

Champagnat Catholic College, Pagewood NSW is proud of their top Mathlete of 2014, James Thio

When he was in Year 7, James surpassed all expectations in achieving 34 Bronze, 6 Silver and 2 Gold Mathletics certificates during 2014.  In doing so, he managed to score a total of over 1,000,000 points.

As James completed the entire Year 7 syllabus in the first seven weeks of Term 1, he had his program adjusted to Year 8 work. James has embraced the Mathletics program […]

USA Mathletics Parent Letter


It’s time to get your school’s parent community involved.

Promote math practice at home and get your students’ parents involved with our FREE Mathletics progress updates for parents.

Make it simple for your students’ parents to keep track of their child’s  results and progress all year round. To encourage your parent community to sign up – either…

Direct your parent community to


Download and distribute […]

Welcome Penelope Hobbin to the Lead Educator Community

Mirboo North PS in Victoria has Penelope Hobbin as Mathletics Lead Educator

Penelope is passionate about providing each and every student with the skills to take them wherever they want to go in life.  She does this by facilitating not doing.  Penelope’s students very quickly learn to be independent and are encouraged to use their initiative and ‘think outside the square’.

Penny currently teaches Grade 1/2 and enjoys the excitement at learning that younger children show.  Mathletics has been a tool that […]

9 High-Yield Instructional Strategies by Robert J. Marzano


In Classroom Instruction that Works: Research-based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement, Robert J. Marzano (2001) and his colleagues identified nine high-yield instructional strategies through a meta-analysis of over 100 independent studies. They determined that these nine strategies have the greatest positive affect on student achievement for all students, in all subject areas, at all grade levels.

Get a print-out for your classroom  |  Share these strategies with your […]

3P Learning assists with KL Primary School Maths Challenge


There can be no question of doubting the commitment of Teachers, parents and students when it comes to giving time to Mathematics in Asian Schools. This was again demonstrated this weekend when around 65 Year 5 students came together at Garden International School Kuala Lumpur for the KL Primary School Maths Challenge.

9 schools were represented at this event which saw dedicated teachers run events like Maths Trails, Problem solving rounds, individual and […]

The FOBISIA Mathletics Challenge


The Challenge is a 2-day event taking place on March 5 and March 6 2015. Presentation of awards will take place at the FOBISIA Primary Maths Competition in Shanghai on March 6 and 7. The schools do not need to be attending the Shanghai event to win as trophies and awards (subscriptions) will be presented in absentia.

The site is open for practice from Monday February 2 through to the event, with the exception that the Live […]

January 2015

Back to School Survival Tips


3P Learning wins two BETT Awards

December 2014

Amanda Attwal from Sherwood SS in QLD leads the way

Making a difference – Amanda Attwal Mathletics Lead Educator

Amanda Attwal is a Grade 2 teacher in Brisbane who has been teaching for 4 years.

“I love using Mathletics in my classroom as it makes my life a lot easier in regards to planning and finding valuable resources. I also find it is fantastic at encouraging students to have a go at Mathematics tasks and fosters a love of Maths without them even realising it!”

Amanda uses the Mathletics e-Books to aid with […]