TIPS: Using Mathletics as a teaching tool

Tips for teachers

Teacher console

  • Use Support, Concept Search and Dictionary as these tools will encourage student inquiry to deepen their concept knowledge
  • Print single pages or entire eBooks to introduce or reinforce learning for your students

These tips will help you to achieve Certificate Level 2 in the Mathletics Certification Pathway.  Click here to view more Tips for Success and follow our […]

The Challenge has begun!

Welcome to all the students and teachers participating in this week’s Dreaming Big Maths Challenge!

Dreaming_Big_ChallengeThere has been a great deal of excitement coming from schools over the past week! Have your students planned their strategy to earn the most points possible this week?  What is your school doing this week to celebrate the Challenge?  Share the buzz at your school with our Challenge Team – send your pics and stories to […]

What is the value of homework?

Last week, we received this email from a parent within our 3P Learning community.  She paints a colourful picture of weekday home-life and the feature of homework in the evening routine- that many of us can empathise with.  

“I was juggling the kids’ usual evening routine when my daughter confronted me in the kitchen, in tears, frustrated with a maths problem.

She had been asked to colour in one quarter of the 12 apples in the book.  I took it upon myself to […]

Congratulations Jayden!

Jayden Kong- WA Mathletics Hall of Fame champion from Lake Joondalup Baptist College!Jayden-Kong-Hall-of-Fame-Champion

Congratulations to Jayden Kong of Lake Joondalup Baptist College in Western Australia. Jayden, who is in Year 5, was exceptionally proud recently when he topped both the World and Australian Halls of Fame!

Jayden takes great pride in his work and strives for personal excellence. He sees learning in a very positive light […]

The Mathletics Advantage

Mathletics can drive improvement at your school while keeping your students engaged.

Assessments within Mathletics are designed by our education team and closely replicates national tests and assessments.

96% of teachers agreed that Mathletics has been effective in improving student-learning outcomes.*

We want to help you improve your students’ results and save time before you’re back at your desk writing your end of year reports.

We have made it easier for you in 4 steps.

  1. Set […]

National Literacy and Numeracy Week – 25-31 August 2014


The 3P Learning Team is excited to join with schools, students, parents and teachers to celebrate the 16th National Literacy and Numeracy Week.

This year, National Literacy and Numeracy Week will be held from 25–31 August 2014. This event is a great opportunity to acknowledge how positive parental involvement influences student learning. National Literacy and Numeracy Week aims to recognise the achievements of students and the work of teachers, parents and […]

Hot tips on using Assessments in Mathletics

        Mathletics iMac Diagnose  Mathletics iMac Assess  Mathletics iMac Target

TOP TIP 1 :  Assessments are hugely popular with teachers as a benchmarking tool. Taking the same assessment at multiple points across the school year provides excellent quantitative evidence of student improvement.

TOP TIP 2 :  You can opt to PREVIEW any assessment prior to […]

Maximising the benefits of Live Mathletics


Students love Live Mathletics, so why not use the motivation it produces to promote student learning?

Daily Mental:  Live Mathletics is often used as a reward for good work, but many schools are also using it to focus their students on mathematics.  These schools start the lesson with Live Mathletics, resulting in students thinking and talking mathematics immediately, and starting the class motivated and mentally warmed up for the lesson ahead.

Mental […]

Parenting during school holidays… whew!

Exhausted parentNobody will be more aware of this “whew” than those with a house-load of energetic, excitable and restless kids.

Add rain, cold weather, siblings, together with the inevitable colds and flu and it can be a recipe for disaster that will get you agreeing to ANYTHING (literally) for a few minutes of quiet.

Before you:

  • reluctantly agree to an emotional Woolworths shopping trip for that elusive animal card,
  • fork out for another set […]

New features released in Mathletics Reports

Feedback on the new Reports tool for teachers continues to be hugely positive, with hundreds of thousands of reports already created across the world. We are pleased to announce that a host of great new features are now available. You asked, we listened!

NEW Track student participation and improvement.

Within the new “Participation” area, teachers can now view detailed information on the activities completed by students and classes. All completed activities within the selected timeframe are displayed, alongside the students’ […]

The benefits of Mathletics don’t stop here…


Powerful diagnostic testing in a fraction of the time

Assessments – A powerful tool within Mathletics. Provides a full diagnostic analysis of students’ positioning and progress through the curriculum. Assessments gives teachers the information to quickly and effectively create learning pathways to address the individual requirements for a student, class, or school. It’s one-click diagnosis.

Monitor usage and track progress with a live school dashboard

Real-time results data driving individual […]

Teaching and Learning with Mathletics

Tips to help you with Mathletics

These ideas are just some of the great teacher tips to support you with Mathletics and your Teacher Certification.  Download your Certification pack to commence the certification pathway, earn PD hours and be recognised for your level of expert knowledge.  Got any questions? Contact your Account Manager or visit

Lead Education Program

Pre-register now for the free AFL maths challenge!

Have you heard about our AFL Maths challenge?

Here at Mathletics we like to make sure we keep our students engaged to help share the love of learning! What better way to keep kids engaged than combining mathematics, sport and some friendly competition? Take advantage of our free registration and give your students the chance to don their favourite AFL team colours and help lead their team to victory!

St Paul’s Two Week Maths Challenge makes an impact

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.05.29 AM

Week two of the St Paul’s Anglican School’s Maths Challenge took a curriculum focus and student enthusiasm reached fever pitch.  The stats surprised organisers Angela Keyt and Bruce Robinson with the Junior school alone spending 752 hours on Mathletics last week!   “Most exciting is the y4 boy who has earned over 40 000 points by himself.”

School pride runs high “Our classes finished 1, 2 […]

GLOBED Mathletics Challenge in Turkey

GLOBED Mathletics ChallengeThe first ever GLOBED Mathletics Challenge was held in Turkey between May 20 and 21, with more than 10.000 students and 66 schools taking part.

Here’s a message from the GLOBED team…

“Our aim with this contest was to foster students’ love and interest in Mathematics. The intense interest generated by challenge demonstrates that with new technologies mathematics can become much more vivid and fun!

Once again, we would like to thank all […]