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Lahore hosts the Love Learning Conference

Pakistani’s educators welcomed at the Love Love Learning Conference

Love Learning Conference 2014

Pakistan’s inaugural Love Learning Conference took place on August 30 at the Sukh Chaan Wellness Club, in Lahore.  Teachers were guaranteed they would be inspired and according to the feedback they were not disappointed!

Delegates were fortunate to have lead education and training experts lead the day.  Ghulam Rabbani Shah, previous Head Training and Staff Development at the Punjab Group of Colleges […]

Teaching in the Spotlight: Mathletics @ Coomera Rivers SS

Students at Coomera Rivers SS are pure gold!

In recognition of the outstanding results attained this year by the students at Coomera Rivers State School, Jenny Fahey from Mathletics was invited to attend their Junior Assembly for Gold Certificate achievers recently.

This year alone, students have amassed an incredible total of 9991 certificates, 417 of which were gold from only 890 students across the school!  This remarkable feat has the team at Mathletics very impressed by the drive and enthusiasm demonstrated […]

Teaching in the Spotlight: Mathletics @ Amaroo

 Mathletics @ Amaroo – an Action Research Project

In 2013, Tiffany Ward was approached by her Deputy Principal to engage in an action research project exploring the effectiveness of the Mathletics program at Amaroo School, a K-12 school of approx 1300 students in Canberra. After collecting data from staff, students and the community, she presented her findings to the Executive team.  A majority of teachers and students were not using Mathletics effectively and feedback indicated they were seeking professional learning […]

A snapshot of Australian Numeracy

We have studied over 5,000 Australian schools to determine the top weaknesses and strengths of Aussie students.  Here are the results.

Numeracy is a core component of primary and secondary education in Australia, providing young Australians with the necessary skills to live and succeed in their lives. Essentially maths is about solving problems, and we apply it everyday whether we realise it or not.

After reviewing the relative strengths and weaknesses of over 5,000 students, it appears that students tend to struggle with the more […]

Students celebrate their success!


The smiles express it all.  Clearly these students just love learning!

Students receive their prizes following the Dreaming Big Maths Challenge in July.



Using Mathletics? Now get certified!

Are you using Mathletics right now?  With Mathletics Teacher Certification, add value to your students’ learning, gain recognition and accumulate PD hours!  Mathletics Teacher Certification acknowledges and rewards the outstanding contribution teachers are making on behalf of students.

You’re now only 3 steps away from being in the draw…

Over 1.2 million Mathletics students in Australia


Our Australian Mathletics community has reached 1. 2 million students!

Are you one of these students?

It was only one decade ago that Mathletics began and look how far we’ve come. Mathletics has become a multi-award winning learning resource that encourages students and rewards results. This online resource provides a safe, secure and engaging world of learning for F -12 students.

Mathletics gives students the opportunity to work and progress at […]

A warm welcome to West Australian Lead Educator Jemima Saunders

Recently certified as a Mathletics Lead Educator, Jemima Saunders shares a little about herself and how she uses Mathletics within her Year 5 classroom.

Jemima has been in teaching for over a decade, beginning at Our Lady’s Assumption in Dianella WA in 2011 after teaching in South Australia.  She initially introduced Mathletics in combination with a variety of mathematics resources and loved using Mathletics straight away in her upper primary context.

“For me, it is curriculum aligned, motivating for students, has […]

Celebrating Student Success

Students love being rewarded for their efforts and there is nothing more motivating than receiving a tangible reminder of what they worked so hard to achieve. In order to keep kids engaged, we have created a range of resources including certificates, wall charts and posters, which are all able to be printed at school or home. These resources are ideal for both teachers and parents to support and reinforce the online learning process.


No internet? No problem!

Mathletics on the go

For the first time ever, students can access Mathletics both online and offline – meaning flexibility and mobility like never before!  Ideal for travel and use in classrooms, schools and at home where bandwidth and wifi is limited or restrictive.

Simply visit the iTunes App store on the iPad to download the most current version of the Mathletics Student App and then […]

Students get creative with Mathletics video

The students and teachers at Preston North East Primary School have fully embraced Mathletics in their classrooms. The video below shows enthusiastic Preston North East students in a Mathletics News segment, interviewing adorable young maths experts on the benefits of using Mathletics in the classroom and a message from their ‘sponsors’ detailing how earning Mathletics certificates earns them rewards at the school canteen.

Preston North East also holds weekly ceremonies at assembly to acknowledge students who have earned Mathletics certificates, […]

TIPS: Developing fluency in Mathletics

Tips for Mathletics activities


Dan Haesler talks wellbeing with WA Principals and School Leaders at Carmel School, Perth

LL blog pic

26 June 2014, Perth WA

Last month, Principals and School Leaders in WA were invited to spend a Day with Dan Haesler on Wellbeing at the heart of Leadership, Teaching and Learning (you can read the session outline here).

Dan took participants through practical strategies for both their personal life and leadership roles including undertaking relaxation techniques.   Attendees had the opportunity to explore avenues to increase engagement, both personally […]

TIPS: Using Mathletics as a teaching tool

Tips for teachers

Teacher console

  • Use Support, Concept Search and Dictionary as these tools will encourage student inquiry to deepen their concept knowledge
  • Print single pages or entire eBooks to introduce or reinforce learning for your students

These tips will help you to achieve Certificate Level 2 in the Mathletics Certification Pathway.  Click here to view more Tips for Success and follow our […]

What is the value of homework?

Last week, we received this email from a parent within our 3P Learning community.  She paints a colourful picture of weekday home-life and the feature of homework in the evening routine- that many of us can empathise with.  

“I was juggling the kids’ usual evening routine when my daughter confronted me in the kitchen, in tears, frustrated with a maths problem.

She had been asked to colour in one quarter of the 12 apples in the book.  I took it upon myself to […]