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Class-wide diagnosis – now even simpler.

Class-wide diagnosis – now even simpler.

Mathletics Assessments are already a hugely powerful, and hugely popular, tool for teachers. Now it is even easier to view class-wide diagnostic results – and target specific curriculum outcomes/standards where individual groups of students may be struggling.

From today, a brand new report is available within the RESULTS area of the Mathletics Teacher Console, giving teachers the ability to view a summary of each question taken in a

Roger Tattersall, Lead Educator in Tasmania

St Patrick’s College celebrates second Mathletics Lead Educator!

Roger Tattersall has been employed at St Patrick’s College since 2010. His teaching specialisation is Mathematics across Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary year levels. Roger has held the role of Head of Mathematics at St Patrick’s, and has had extensive experience in curriculum design and implementation of the Australian Curriculum. His role also requires him to partner with Lead Educator Rebecca Noordermeer in overseeing the successful ongoing access to Mathletics by staff […]

New student background themes

Now take your Mathetics on a world tour…

The Mathletics Student Console is your space, and you can make it look however you like. From today, a brand new set of themes is available to select and change the look of your page. We call it the “World Cities” series – two cities are available right away, with more coming soon…  Head into your My Settings/My Profile area today and select your theme.


Cool careers that need Maths!



Need help encouraging your child to get enthused about maths? Here are some great careers that all use maths, next time your child asks why we need maths, you can use these cool job ideas to get a conversation started!


Is your child artistic? In animation, maths and art go together like Saturday morning and cartoons! Trigonometry helps rotate and move characters, while algebra creates the special effects to make images shine. Even artists […]

Lead Educator Debbie Reinholtd, VIC joins Lead Educator Community

Debbie Reinholtd shares her passion for mathematics with Fleetwood PS

Debbie is a dynamic, motivated primary teacher bringing a strong passion for mathematics to her role as the Numeracy Coordinator at Fleetwood Primary School in Victoria.   Debbie is making a significant contribution to the schools’ policies and mathematical program with her vast experience in the professional development of mathematics with conference presentations, guest speaking, workshops, training programs, mentoring, networks and curriculum writing specifically maths curriculum and problem-solving. Debbie was appreciative […]

Using Mathletics? Now get certified!

Are you using Mathletics right now?  With Mathletics Teacher Certification, add value to your students’ learning, gain recognition and accumulate PD hours!  Mathletics Teacher Certification acknowledges and rewards the outstanding contribution teachers are making on behalf of students.

You’re now only 3 steps away from being in the draw…

Data-driven teaching – Simplifying personalised learning.

data driven learning blog post image

Teachers have always been aware that they must assess and review, gathering what evidence they could, through assessments, pop-quiz, previous years’ experience and even gut-feel. However, these methods can prove to be incredibly stressful, costly and time-consuming to undertake, and will only provide a snapshot of performance on a particular day at a particular time. Furthermore, […]

Fostering STEM through inquiry

Putting STEM back on the agenda.

The past decade has seen a substantial decline in economic commitment and educational engagement within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Australia. Coincidently (or perhaps not so), the past 10 years has also seen the proportion of Year 12 students taking advanced mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology drop by almost a third.

Some suggest that Australia’s declining appetite for STEM endeavours is attributed to the fact that mathematics and science are optional […]

Introducing My Study…


Did you know that Mathletics contains over 1200 individual curriculum activities across all year/grade levels? That’s a HUGE number of targeted, adaptive learning and support resources covering the many areas of the curriculum. However Mathletics is not just about practice activities – the program also contains literally hundreds of eBooks, video tutorials and interactive widgets designed to support the learning of older students.

From today, the Secondary/High School student interface has been […]

Teaching in the Spotlight: Mathletics @ Coomera Rivers SS

Students at Coomera Rivers SS are pure gold!

In recognition of the outstanding results attained this year by the students at Coomera Rivers State School, Jenny Fahey from Mathletics was invited to attend their Junior Assembly for Gold Certificate achievers recently.

This year alone, students have amassed an incredible total of 9991 certificates, 417 of which were gold from only 890 students across the school!  This remarkable feat has the team at Mathletics very impressed by the drive and enthusiasm demonstrated […]

Mathletics welcome the ACT’s first Lead Educator Tiffany Ward

Tiffany Ward, Canberra achieves Mathletics Lead Educator Certification

Ward TiffanyMy name is Tiffany Ward and I have been in the teaching profession for 4 ½ years. The Mathletics Lead Educator Program has provided me with a chance to implement, deliver and evaluate a school wide action plan. I currently teach a Year 5 enrichment class which is a part of the Gifted and Talented Education Program at Amaroo School, ACT. Mathletics […]

Teaching in the Spotlight: Mathletics @ Amaroo

 Mathletics @ Amaroo – an Action Research Project

In 2013, Tiffany Ward was approached by her Deputy Principal to engage in an action research project exploring the effectiveness of the Mathletics program at Amaroo School, a P-10 school of approx 1700 students in Canberra. After collecting data from staff, students and the community, she presented her findings to the Executive team.  A majority of teachers and students were not using Mathletics effectively and feedback indicated they were seeking professional learning […]

A snapshot of Australian Numeracy

We have studied over 5,000 Australian schools to determine the top weaknesses and strengths of Aussie students.  Here are the results.

Numeracy is a core component of primary and secondary education in Australia, providing young Australians with the necessary skills to live and succeed in their lives. Essentially maths is about solving problems, and we apply it everyday whether we realise it or not.

After reviewing the relative strengths and weaknesses of over 5,000 students, it appears that students tend to struggle with the more […]

Students celebrate their success!


The smiles express it all.  Clearly these students just love learning!

Students receive their prizes following the Dreaming Big Maths Challenge in July.



Over 1.2 million Mathletics students in Australia


Our Australian Mathletics community has reached 1. 2 million students!

Are you one of these students?

It was only one decade ago that Mathletics began and look how far we’ve come. Mathletics has become a multi-award winning learning resource that encourages students and rewards results. This online resource provides a safe, secure and engaging world of learning for F -12 students.

Mathletics gives students the opportunity to work and progress at […]