Thorwood HS host a merry Math Matinee with Live Mathletics

On March 19, students at Thornwood High School hosted a day to celebrate math for junior high school students at feeder schools. The students were able to do math-related experiments, participate in hands-on projects and use technology to watch math leap off the page into life.

The students from surrounding schools participating in the Math Matinee had lots of fun competing against each other in Mathletics Live.

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Well done Rebecca Noordermeer, St Patrick’s College, TAS

Mathletics benefiting teachers at St Patrick’s College

Blog St Patricks CollegeSt Patrick’s College is the largest Co-curricular 7-12 college in Tasmania with a student enrolment of 1456 students.  Rebecca Noordermeer has been Mathletics coordinator at St Patrick’s College since 2007. Her role requires her to oversee the successful ongoing access to Mathletics by staff and students. As a Lead Educator Rebecca is accountable for Professional Learning for […]

Leaders: Add your voice to the Leadership Continuum survey

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AITSL has acknowledged that strong leadership is the foundation for quality schooling and improvement.  They are embarking on a journey to better understand the needs of school leaders and they need your input before the 11th April.

Take a look and add your voice to the Leadership Continuum survey.


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More ideas to keep your students engaged with Live Mathletics?

Find these and other Tips for Success to achieve student engagement outcomes covered within Mathletics Teacher Certification (Levels 1 earns 2 PD hours, Level 2 earns 4 PD hours).

Lead Education Program

Social Learning: Makewaves with Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Spellodrome

3P Learning has just become part of the global social learning platform,   We joined on the recommendation of Matt Rogers, Computing and ICT Subject Leaders at Snowsfields Primary School in London, and are very excited about the Mathletics open badges he has created for us.


Open badges were developed by Mozilla as a way […]

Top 10 Exam Technique Tips for Kids


Through any child’s education they will be required to sit through many examinations. As a parent, how can you support your child? The tips below can help.

  1. Keep a positive attitude throughout the test and try to stay relaxed. If you start to feel nervous take a few deep breaths.
  2. Pace yourself, don’t rush. Read the whole question and pay attention to all the details.
  3. Write neatly. If the marker can’t read what […]

Targeted and effective learning with Mathletics

Mathletics Assessments – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 …

Assessments by Mathletics are designed by our education team and closely replicates national tests and assessments.

96% of teachers agreed that Mathletics has been effective in improving student-learning outcomes.*


Use Mathletics Assessments to assign tests to your students as a class or individually to evaluate progress against Australian Curriculum outcomes.

2. Diagnose

Let Mathletics Assessments automatically mark your assigned tests and provide […]

Getting Started with Mathletics Series: Assess, Diagnose and Target

Assess, Diagnose and Target

Mathletics Assessment

  • Use Mathletics Assessments to assign tests to your students as a class or individually to evaluate progress against Australian Curriculum outcomes.
  • With automatic marking of assigned tests, Assessments provide outcomes based graphical reporting with student diagnosis.
  • Target individual requirements of your class by selecting related Mathletics activities that target your students’ weaknesses.

Click here to read all Getting Started Tips.  Visit the Teacher […]

Mathletics: an opportunity for Teaching and Learning

Lead Education Program

The Mathletics Teacher Console provides the opportunity!



  • Print a worksheet from eBooks to support your teaching of a concept – ideal in group rotations or create a custom workbook to cater for individual needs
  • When teaching new concepts, project the interactives within eBooks on your IWB to visually support students and engage a classroom discussion.


See these tips and more to help you achieve

Getting Started with Mathletics Series: Determine your expectations

Determine your expectations

helpful suggestions

  1. Establish your student recognition strategies – make sure students know your expectations. For example, how and when they will be recognised and supported with their Mathletics use.
  2. Host a Mathletics Parent session to explain your classroom goals for Mathletics this year and address any parent questions and/or concerns.
  3. Remind your parents they can register at to receive weekly email reports on their child’s progress.

Lead Educator Program welcomes Annie Heydon, QLD

Annie HeydonLong time user of Mathletics Annie Heydon from Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia has supported her teaching with Mathletics over many years and we are very pleased to recognise her as a Mathletics Lead Educator.

Annie is enthusiastic and focused, “I’m passionate about differentiation of the curriculum and the learning process, equity and 21st century models of teaching, to enhance student engagement. Mathletics fits the bill. I’ve […]

Online Learning takes off at Yamba Public School

Benefits of Mathletics & Reading Eggs at Yamba Public School

Yamba Public School fosters learning opportunities for their students using online education platforms. Alan Anderson, from Yamba Public School, shares how they have achieved whole school participation in two of our online learning programs, namely ABC Read Eggs and Mathletics.

These are excellent programs as they support and compliment school curricular. Teacher’s are able to track, monitor and modify a child’s program or progress. They provide an opportunity for […]

A warm welcome to Anthony Tait, Mathletics Lead Educator in Victoria, Australia

AnthonyAnthony is joint Curriculum Leader at Caledonian Primary School in Victoria, Science Mentor and a classroom teacher.  Anthony is passionate about developing his students’ love of learning and their independence as learners.

Having taught for 5 years, Anthony currently teaches Years 3 and 4 and uses Mathletics in his classroom as part of an integrated approach to teaching maths.

“Mathletics enriches my classroom by providing engaging and fun activities for student learning.  […]

Getting Started with Mathletics Series: My students are on board, what’s next?

My students are on board, what’s next?

  • Be fully supported with Mathletics.  Save to favourites MathleticsMathletics Certification and our Training Portal where you can access guides, videos, live online training webinars, workshops and more.
  • Advise parents about Mathletics in your class through the school newsletter or send home a Parent letter.
  • Record your teacher sign in card safely or contact us to have it resent 1300 850 331.

Where does the future of maths and science lie in Australia?

Where does the future of maths and science lie in Australia?

The thoughts of writer and educationalist, Victoria Birch, and
NSW Minister of Education, Adrian Piccoli.

Light globe SS


Writer and educationalist, Victoria Birch, explores the worrisome future […]