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Why use Mathletics? A case study by Dr Phil Brockbank of All Saints’ College

A brief look at the reasons why it would be wise to integrate Mathletics into every ‘laptop-friendly’ schools’ Mathematics curriculum delivery process.
There is a plethora of software packages available on the market today, all promising to deliver benefits to learning. Some have valid claims – many do not. Unfortunately, the cost of such software precludes […]

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3P Learning to Debut the Latest 3D Middle School Science Resource: IntoScience in San Francisco Wednesday, May 20

The team behind the highly successful and effective K-12 math resource, Mathletics, is excited to announce the release of IntoScience for Grades 6, 7 & 8 across 137 schools in the Bay Area on Wednesday May 20.

Created specifically for the needs of Middle School science students, IntoScience helps students master the core science skills they […]

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OFFICIAL RESULTS: California Catholic Math Bowl 2015!

OFFICIAL RESULTS: California Catholic Math Bowl 2015

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Congratulations to all schools and classes who participated in the Math Bowl this year!
We had a fantastic turnout of over 140 classes and over 3,000 students!
As a reminder, the list of prizes is below:

The first place class from each grade K […]

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Who’s Ahead in the 2015 California Catholic Math Bowl?

Who’s Ahead in the 2015 Math Bowl?
*Scores below were calculated on Friday 5/15/15
Next and FINAL score update:Monday 5/18/2015


The California Catholic Math Bowl is heating up and we have some serious competition going on! We’ve ranked our TOP TEN classes thus far:


School Name, Location
Class Name

St Bernard Elementary School, Los Angeles
Grade 5

St John Eudes Elementary School, Chatsworth
5th Grade

St Bernard […]

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Lead Educator hosts Love Learning Day with Tim Rylands

3P Learning recently teamed up with educational thought leader Tim Rylands for a Love Learning Day hosted by Langafel C of E Primary School – long-term users of Mathletics and home of one of our Mathletics Lead Educators, Ruth Sivarajah.  Tim shares our love of learning and passion for allowing technology to inspire creativity, imagination […]

Congratulations Stuart McClorey Winner of Mathletics Teacher Certification Challenge

1st Winner Announced! 
Stuart McClorey
of St Jerome’s Primary School, Munster WA
Supporting the incredible energy being created by Mathletics teachers in their classrooms, this Teacher Certification Challenge asks teachers to get Mathletics Certified and answer the question:   

How has Teacher Certification impacted teaching and learning in your class or in your school?   Stuart McClorey’s winning response:

“The […]

Implementing Inquiry with Tom Barrett in Perth

I see the inquiry process model as a fundamental tool for designing thinking to promote curiosity.  Loretta Hackner-Rowland, St Peter’s PS in Inglewood
On Thursday last week Tom Barrett from Notosh presented his Designing Learning for Authentic Inquiry workshop as part of our 2015 Love Learning Roadshow.  The workshop is designed to be an highly engaging exploration […]

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May Mathletics Master Class

May Mathletics Master Class
We are excited to announce our May Mathletics Master Class recipient – Ashley Jarvie, Grade 6 teacher at École Viscount Alexander, part of the Pembina Trails School Division in Winnipeg, MB.

School: École Viscount Alexander
Teacher: Ashley Jarvie

We were happy to learn that Ms. Jarvie is using lesson differentiation in order to customize every […]

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3P Learning and Dr. Marian Small partner to share their vision globally

Dr. Marian Small and the 3P Learning team Calgary, Alberta Canada office November 2014
It is official! 3P Learning and Dr. Marian Small have partnered!
3P Learning and Dr. Marian Small have formed a partnership! Together, we bring the love of learning and divergent thinking in math to classrooms and schools across Canada, […]

Sharon Choi, Middlemount Community School in QLD joins Lead Educator Program

Now in her third year of teaching as an Early Years teacher, Sharon Choi delights in teaching this very special stage; when students connect the dots on how to read, solve problems and create friendships.  Her school Middlemount Community School is approximately 270km north west from Rockhampton in QLD.  It’s a small strong community and […]

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Personal Balance and a High Performance Mindset

 Brendan Spillane asks how to bring artistry to your performance

Whether you are leading, a school, a class or simply trying to lead a life of purpose and contribution – the fluid complexity of our times poses significant challenge. Setting yourself in balanced response to this challenge is critical because everything depends on how you are.

High-performing […]

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NOW AVAILABLE: Mathletics Test Prep

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Brooklyn & Queens Math Bowl 2015!

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Brooklyn & Queens Math Bowl 2015

Click the “OFFICIAL RESULTS” link above to view the entire posting.

Congratulations to all schools and classes who participated in the Math Bowl this year!
We had a fantastic turnout of over 300 classes and over 6,000 students!
As a reminder, the list of prizes is below:

The first place class […]

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Celebrating NSW’s Jaana Gray as Mathletics Lead Educator

Jaana Gray from St Columba Anglican School in Port Macquarie is passionate in bringing out the best in her students.

“I love it when my students grow in their learning and when something finally clicks. I think everyone should have a love of learning and the opportunity to grow and be the best you can.”

Jaana has […]

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Mathletics and USA Catholic Schools

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